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90 Day Business Planning -

Crucial for Business Growth

Strategic actions in 90 day sprints to streamline your success









Free & Online; Thursday 29th September @ 1pm AEST (Melbourne)

90 Day Business Planning Master Class

Register today and join us. Free & Online! 
Thursday 29th September 2022 @ 1pm AEST

90 Day Business Planning

What we'll cover...

In our 60 minutes together we're going to celebrate the past and bring in the new. New Quarter that is. 

It's our last sprint of the calendar year.  

What will the last quarter look like for you? 

Rather than leave it to chance, let's put our strategic thinking caps on, identify what we're shooting for and create a plan to get us from where we are now to where we want to be come the end of 2022!

Join me if you'd like to;

  • Identify and importantly, language your (Wildly Important Goal) WIG in a way that means something to you.

  • Create a structure that is unique to you and works for you, not some cookie-cutter step-by-step bollocks that worked for someone else and doesn't take into account your uniqueness.

  • Know which stats to measure and keep track of to steer you consistently towards your WIG.

  • Q&A's welcome throughout the session so that you get the most from our time together. 

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