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90 Day Business Planner - Bonus Resources

I would have loved to keep adding and adding to the Planner but at some point I had to say NO!!  It's turning into a lead weight...so here you go - some extra worksheets to complement your 90 Day Business Planner :)  R

Print these sheets at the start of each quarter and in all of them (except the Self-Care), commit to completing one each week.

With self-care I thought it best to leave it to yourself as to what you love to do for you - so simply fill in the 12 boxes and either go through each one methodically, or if you're like me, just randomly choose one each week!

Print these out and pop them on your wall, or, insert them as a page into your Planner before binding and then they're always with you.

Rebecca Sharkie Marketing Consultant

12 Marketing Activities

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12 Marketing  Tasks

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12 Self-Care Activities

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12 Tasks for an Organised Office

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