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Step 1;

The 90 Day Business Planner

Thank you for making your 90 Day Business Planner Purchase!

Whether you've purchased one or all four, begin by downloading your first one, 2022 Jan-Feb-Mar 90 Day Business Planning and read Print Tips BEFORE printing...

Note:  If you purchased FOUR PLANNERS, the remaining three will be available from the 23rd October (or earlier) - you'll know when the buttons are coloured and not greyed out.   Thank you for your patience :)

Print Tips:
The way the PDF is structured means you simply print the entire document set to DOUBLE SIDED.

I then got mine bound for $5 at Officeworks so it's more durable. You can however pop it into any style of folder that suits you. I did have it in a folder that had a pocket at the front which was handy, but I like the bound version better.

Click the Play Button Above to Watch The Video

Step 2;

Trello Board Template

Access the 90 Day Business Planning Trello Board template.

Click on the link below and if you already have an account with Trello it will open straight up and you can use.

If not, it will open up Trello and the board and you will see a banner across the top of your screen to Create an Account.  Go ahead and create a free account, there's no need to pay.

Once you've accessed the board, start on the left hand side and click on the Cards to open and find your Bonus downloadables!

If you DO get stuck as you're new to Trello, watch the video walk-thru I created to help you get unstuck.

I trust that you'll get there but if you're really unsure - please don't hesitate to email me at [email protected] for support.

Access Your Trello Board Template