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"Products are made in the factory, but brands are made in the mind"
~ Walter Landor, designer and pioneer of branding

Branding for Entrepreneurs

Affordable Brand Guides for Your Small Business

Your brand is the identity and personality of your business. It's how people will recognise you when they come across your content, your marketing, your services. 

It's what is remembered about you and how people will describe you to their friends. 

A brand is how you make others feel.

To encapsulate this you need a Brand Guide.

Not to be left to chance, a Brand Guide helps;

  • protect your brand
  • save you time
  • acts as the 'Go-To' guide when working with others and also outsourcing
  • keeps your brand consistently correct across the board.

See how Sharkie Marketing can get you started on your Brand Guide today.

Branding that attracts your future clients

A Brand Guide contains all the elements of your brand. 
It means your brand can now show up clearly and consistently across all mediums and is what your future clients think of when they think of you. 

A Brand Guide once completed, will save you time, money and most of all peace of mind for when it comes to creating content, marketing assets and messaging for your brand.

Your brand will now stay consistent and intact when you outsource your work to others or work with others as part of a collaboration.

DIY Brand

Grab my detailed yet succinct, easy to follow video series and Brand Guide template on how to create your very own brand and ultimately, completed Brand Guide.

AUD$300 / US$225

Coming Soon

New Brand

A brand evolves over times so whether it's  an update, a rebrand or a brand new brand, your Brand Guide is a critical part of your business' foundations.

From AUD$500 / USD$370

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Brand in a Day

Need it in a hurry?  Then this is for you. Become a priority when you book in for the VIP Experience and have your Brand and Brand Guide done in a day.

From AUD$800 / USD$590

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