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Affordable Website Options

including a VIP Done-in-2-Days Option for those in a hurry

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Sharkie Marketing - no fuss website services so you can get on with business

Website MOVE-Over

Ditch the developer and move your website to an easier platform!

You have a published website already, but want it to be on a different, easier to use platform so that you will be able to manage the updates and changes yourself without having to pay an expensive developer. 


That's where I can take your existing website and move it to either Squarespace, or, if you're up for it, Groove.


A Website MOVE-Over is a Done-For-You Service.

Simply provide access to your existing website and we'll move everything over as is.  

But you want it updated as well? We can take care of that at the same time with a MAKE-Over.

And when we're done we'll have a screen-share session where we'll guide you around your new website so you can continue updating and maintaining it yourself.

Website MAKE-Over

Give your website some extra loving with a new updated look and feel!

A website make-over looks at improving your SEO, load speed, mobile responsiveness, user experience, strategic layout and we'll also review your brand to make sure it's still resonating with your target audience and communicating the right message and positioning you 

Brand New Website

For when you just need to hit delete or are starting from scratch!

If you just want it done already but don't want to do it yourself that's OK - we've got you covered!

I build it in either Squarespace or Groove and when it's done we do a share screen teaching time so you can have a go yourself and start to get a feel for it.

Schedule in a time when we can talk more about your website needs

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Five reasons why you need a website;

There are those that argue you don't but here's why you should...

  • Credibility. A good website will show you as the authority in your space and frame you as an expert.

  • Brand. You get to show who you are. It's YOUR website, you get to show off what you do, how you do it and who you do it for.  

  • Leads. We all want leads. Your website is there to attract your potential clients and offer them different ways for them to get to know you so you can build the Know-Like-Trust factor with your potential clients.

  • Traffic. You will probably begin with driving traffic (aka visitors) to your site organically but when the time comes to take the next step your website the most important piece because you'll be tracking and targeting visitors.  

  • Customer Service. A website is a great place to help your clients help themselves by having FAQ's, or a messenger widget and contact you form.  And also - keeping them updated on events, new blogs and what's new that you can help them with.