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The platform we ultimately choose build on is based upon the client's budget, required website features and how involved the client wants to be as there is a learning curve when getting familiar with new tech.

Squarespace is one of our go-to platforms as it is easy to build and navigate and gives our clients a great result.

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Note that by clicking you will be redirected to the client website and they may have made changes since handover.

Client Empowered Directions Website

Empowered Directions

We rebuilt on Squarespace as the client was unable to contact or have changes made with her original designer.  We took it from an out dated classified ads layout, to a modern, eye catching design.

Client Rich Witch Academy

Rich Witch Academy

This is a big website with a shop and many other pages.  Having already been built on Squarespace we worked with Julie on the home page and some new product pages for her new Oracle deck.

Client Kristen Howarth

Kristen Howarth

Kristen had never had a website before and now with a brick and mortar shop, a website was a priority.

We worked closely with Kristen to achieve her desired result.

Client Woodcraft Mobiliar

Woodcraft Mobilar

This client's original website was built 10+  years ago and populated with stock images by a designer who was no longer available. We created a Squarespace website with gallery and they can make changes themselves.

Client Kiri Brennan

Kiri Brennan

Working closely with Kiri and based on Kiri's budget we structured the website and home page for Kiri who then populated the pages with content and images.  Kiri has also created new pages since handover of this project.