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Entrepreneur & business owner, 2008 to present

Rebecca Sharkie

Sharkie Marketing kicked off in 2018 after a presentation I was giving turned into a bit of a networking collaboration event and we eventually got shown the door as the venue was closing for the night. It was from those conversations that night where I really tuned into what I was hearing from my audience and could see there was a genuine cry for help from solopreneurs for solid marketing advice and education.

I was hearing first hand how many of the attendees had been 'held to ransom' by a website developer or lost a lot of money investing in agencies that didn't deliver on promises even though large sums had changed hands.  

I decided then to change from coaching any small business on business to specifically helping and assisting service based businesses with their online presence and marketing strategies.

But my own business journey actually started in 2008. 

With both boys in primary school I had time to study. Feng Shui followed by three years of Chinese Astrology. 

Yup!  Would you have guessed?

As I began to take on clients I also attracted other practitioners of other modalities to me and hence I started Whittlesea Wellness. 

A business that was 'before it's time' in the way that I worked from home and my brand colours were hot pink and black and in the wellness industry we really stood out against the greens and purples but guess what? 

Everyone remembered the hot pink and black so that one trigger was enough to get a good to great conversation going with my audience.

Rebecca Sharkie, working from home since 2008

I hold a dbl diploma in Business & Management, Cert IV in Bookkeeping along with both coaching and Google certifications and spending the las